Morning Yoga Routine For Beginners

Morning Yoga Routine For Beginners


This easy and quick morning yoga routine for beginners will help you improve flexibility, tone, lose weight, and build a strong core. It will teach you the foundation of some of the most essential yoga poses.


This routine is energizing and serves as a natural stimulant that helps set the tone for a productive day.


An hour long yoga class would be ideal to get the day started, but let’s be real, sometimes we just don’t have the time.


This 10 minute morning yoga routine includes breath work and gentle movement.


Why Yoga is better than the Gym


Again, let’s be real here, the gym isn’t for everyone. Studies show that only 12% of the general population own a fitness membership.


If you are someone who is less interested in weight training and bulking, then practicing yoga is more beneficial to your body.


Yoga For Fat Loss


Practicing yoga regularly and consuming a balanced diet speeds up the weight loss process. This is because yoga helps boost metabolism, which contributes to more efficient calorie burn and ultimately weight loss.


Yoga Relieves Stress


Stress is everywhere, regardless of your profession and it’s critical for your mental and physical health to practice stress relieving activities on a daily basis. Over 54% of North Americans are concerned with the amount of stress they experience on a daily basis.


Yoga is renowned for its stress healing properties and has been considered one of the best methods of exercise. The combination of breath work and deep stretching helps eliminate physical and mental stress.


Physical Benefits of Yoga


Practicing yoga regularly helps improve your digestion and allows you to become more regular and release any tensions in your digestive organs.


Below are some additional physical benefits of yoga:


-Improves cardiovascular health

-Improves breathing

-Improves immunity

-Improves energy

-Increases flexibility and posture

-Relieves aches and pains


Yoga Builds Leans Muscle


Yoga consists of stretching and the utilization of balancing techniques. This influences your body to shed excess weight to acquire a lean appearance, rather than a muscular one. If you’re looking to tone your body and not bulk then yoga is perfect for you.


Slow and Controlled Yoga Movements Are Better For Your Body


Yoga is perfect for all skill levels especially beginners because it allows you to take it slow. This is what makes it such a popular form of exercise.


Instead of pushing your body to the limit in the gym, yoga allows you to use slow and controlled movement.


This trains your body to gradually get into a rhythm that you are comfortable with, instead of pushing yourself past your limits.


Yoga will help you gradually increase your mobility, strength and overall endurance.


Anywhere, Anytime


Yoga is more advantageous than going to the gym because you can do it anywhere, anytime.


It doesn’t matter if you’re at a friend's house, in the office, or on vacation. All you need is access to the internet. Make sure to dress comfortably and use carpet if you do not have a mat. Yoga is so convenient and has programs available at your disposal.


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